Log 5b: Interface in Real Life

I’m a graphic design major. As terrible as it sounds, I am terrible with technology. The more things that are spoon-fed to me, the better things are. However, as my friends mock me for killing machines and breaking the Internet, there are some things that happen that should definitely be fixed in some way.

For some reason, on the UArts network, the instant messaging program, iChat, is kind of faulty. That’s okay with me though, I downloaded and use Adium.

Adium's Logo. It's cute. I still haven't figured out why the logo is a duck, though.

Adium's Logo. It's cute. I still haven't figured out why the logo is a duck, though.

The logo at the bottom of my toolbar will usually be helpful. It has different signals and alarms for when it’s loading, when I’m away, when I get a an Instant Message (including who I get it from and how many I’ve gotten). When I am signed off, the duck’s eyes are closed. However, there will be the occasional dip in service or something else, and I will get booted from the program (it signs me off). However, nothing changes. My buddy list doesn’t disappear, the logo stays unchanged, I can still technically send messages (granted, they don’t recieve them, but it looks like they do). The only sure-fire way I know I’ve been booted is when my friends text me telling me that I’m offline. The program gives me no feedback and therefore can be a faulty interface, since it isn’t fully designed to combat error. The program is just fine the rest of the time, but I would just change the program to let there be some kind of feedback. Otherwise this program would be perfect.


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