Log 6b: Interface in Real Life

I know you probably can’t stand me complaining about my dorm anymore, but it really has terrible interfaces.

These are my awesome lightswitches.

Lightswitch A

Lightswitch B

What the lights in the kitchen and hallway look like.

These two always confuse the Hell out of me. Lightswitch A is supposed to control the hallway. Lightswitch B is supposed to control the kitchen. Yet sometimes, I find that both the lights are on but only lightswitch B is on. I haven’t been able to document it when I find it but I have no idea how it works.

Lightswitch C

This is lightswitch C, the one in my bedroom. I haven’t figured out what this is for. You would assume it would work like A and B, however, when you look at the cieling, there aren’t any lights to be turned on!

No lights in this room!

So, my next thought was that it controlled the outlets, but that still isn’t true. My lamp still turned on while the switch was turned off. So I currently have no idea why lightswitch C even exists. Even Norman would be confused. I don’t think he could find it’s affordance. There is no visibility of any use. It is just terrible.

This post was also inspired by watching this video of someone who also had lighting issues.

It can be seen here: http://blip.tv/file/71891

This guys also starts off with a Norman reference. Awesome.


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