Log 7b: Interface In Real Life.

From: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/09/23/starbucks-turns-an-iphone-screen-into-a-gift-card/?scp=3&sq=Interface%20design&st=cse

Starbucks has an app on the iPhone known as myStarbucks. It has multiple convenient feautures, like a calorie counter, a search feature for Starbucks with certain amenities like changing tables, a feature that allows you to remember your friends’ favorite drinks, and the one revolutionary feature that allows you to pay for your coffee using a barcode on the screen of your iPhone. When the screen is scanned, it takes the dollar amount from your previously purchased credit.

Currently it is only a test on certain West Coast stores.

I currently have mixed feelings on this. If I had an iPhone I would not like to keep holding it out for people to touch and scan. I don’t know if it’s living in Philadelphia that’s given me that paranoia, but it’s just a feeling. Paying to replace a stolen iPod, or repairing a cracked screen or a spilled drink on it isn’t worth the price of an iPhone.

But ignoreing my neuroses, if this si successful, this could be a huge step in the way purchases are made. It’s convenient in many ways. People always carry their phone, and it’s an interface they already recognize and know how to use. It could become the newest, quickest, and most efficient way to make a transaction.

Example of the barcode screen on the myStarbucks ad.


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